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Help / FAQ

1. Must I reserve parking?

Yes. Parking is not possible in MR.PARKIT garages without a reservation.

2. How can I reserve and pay for parking?

It’s simple on our website. :) Enter when and where you want to park and garages with vacancies and prices will be displayed. Choose a garage and pay for parking with a payment card or via Paypal. This will take around two minutes. :) Reservations by telephone are not possible.

3. May I park without a reservation and pay in cash at the garage?

Unfortunately not. It’s thanks to reservations and paying for parking spaces online that we can offer you the most advantageous prices for parking.

4. I don’t have a payment card or Paypal account. What now?

A friend, for example, could make a reservation and payment for you. It is not necessary for the payment card or Paypal account to be in your name.

5. What is the minimum reservation time?

You can reserve parking for a minimum of 12 hours. But it is up to you whether you park for the entire 12 hours or for just 5 hours. Your parking lot works as hotel room for your car. The price in our garages for 12 hours of parking is usually better than 4-5 hours of street parking.

6. What is the price of parking?

Prices are different for each garage. In the centre of Prague, prices for parking start from 190 CZK/24h, or from 140 CZK/24h in the city’s outer districts. The price changes according to the occupancy of the garage. Earlier reservations mean lower prices. Have a look at the map of our garages and compare prices.

7. Will I receive confirmation of a reservation?

Yes, immediately after successfully paying for the reservation, you will automatically receive an SMS confirmation message on your telephone and a parking ticket via email with details for navigating your way to the garage (including a map and photographs).

8. Will I receive proof of payment/an invoice?

The parking ticket that you will receive via email immediately after a successful payment meets all the requirements of a simple tax document/proof of payment. An invoice is issued for reservations worth more than 10,000 CZK.

9. Which garage is closest to my hotel or the place I want to visit?

That’s simple. Enter the address of the hotel or the place you are visiting as well as the parking time into the search window. The nearest garage with a vacancy will be displayed.

10. I don’t know the licence plate no. of my car – I’m coming in a rented car. Can I still make a reservation now?

Yes, you can. In the reservation, state “rented” in the column marked "Licence plate no.". You can subsequently send the correct Licence plate no. to; in the case of a reservation in the Luxembourg Plaza garage, call +420277277977.

11. Why do I have to give my telephone number and email address when making a reservation?

After making a successful reservation, you will receive an SMS confirmation and a parking ticket via email. You can also open some garages with your mobile phone. And if you leave a window open in your, we can contact you.

12. How do I make a reservation for multiple cars?

A separate reservation must be made for each vehicle. However, you will be given the option to make another similar booking for another vehicle once the booking is complete. Making multiple reservations in the same garage on the same date will therefore only take a moment!

13. I have a motorbike. Can I park with you?

In some garages, yes. It is necessary to reserve a standard parking space. Up to two motorbikes can park in one parking space. Have a look at the profiles for our individual garages.

14. I have a car with a trailer. Can I park with you?

Yes – but only in garages where there is not an automatic parking system. It is necessary to reserve two parking spaces. Please contact us before making the reservation.

15. I have an electric car. Can I park with you and recharge?

Yes – it is possible in the Španělská garage. Please contact us before making the reservation. Charging is offered as an additional service for our customers with parking reservation for 48 hours or longer.

16. How do I get to the garage? Does it operate non-stop?

All of our garages are a non-stop operation. It’s no problem to arrive at night. There are two types of access. Some garages you open yourself by calling from your mobile phone. (The service is free even for foreign drivers.) You will receive the telephone number for the gates in your reservation confirmation. You do not need a smartphone; any kind of mobile phone will do. It is necessary to call from the telephone number that you stated in the registration form. Some garages are opened for you by reception. Information on the type of access is always given in the garage profile.

17. I am calling the garage’s number, but the gates aren’t opening!

It is necessary to call the garage’s number from the telephone number that you stated in the registration form. Otherwise, the garage won’t be able to identify you and the gates won’t open. Check that you have deactivated the “Hide number” function. If this is the first call you are making in the Czech Republic, try restarting your telephone. If nothing works, call us.

18. Someone is parked in my space. What now?

Anyone can make a mistake, even you. So, don’t take it out on a confused driver; call us at +420277277977 and we’ll find you another space.

19. Can I repeatedly drive in and out of the garage during my reservation?

Yes! All you have to do is once more use the telephone number that you received while confirming your reservation or ask reception to open the garage. There is no limit on the number of times you can drive in and out of the garage.

20. I need to change the Licence plate no. or other details in the reservation.

No problem. Send us the new details by writing to If the change concerns the registration number for a car at the Luxembourg Plaza garage, call +420277277977.

21. Can I extend a reservation?

Yes, if the garage has vacancies. You can extend a current reservation at +420277277977; future reservations can be extended by writing to

22. Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a reservation until the reservation commences in case of payment by card or PayPal or until midnight on the day when the reservation begins in case of payment by benefit code. Cancellations can be made in the reservation details in the "My reservations" section of the user profile or using the form.

23. When will I get a refund after cancelling a reservation?

If you have fulfilled the conditions for cancelling a reservation, you will receive a credit note from us within 7 days. We will refund your money within 10 days of receiving email confirmation from you that you received the credit note.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please contact us. We would be happy to help. :)