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Do I have to reserve parking in advance?
MR.PARKIT do not permit parking without a reservation. However, you can make a reservation just before parking and you do not need to make a user account to do so.
How do I make a parking reservation?
Enter the parameters on our site for when and where you want to park and view available garages and prices. Then you just enter a few required details, make the payment, and you can park straight away.
Why do I need to include my phone number and e-mail in the reservation?
After you make the reservation we will send you a confirmation by text message and a parking slip by e-mail. In addition, some garages open by calling them from the phone number you put in the reservation.
What is the minimum and maximum reservation length?
The minimum parking time in most garages is 12 hours, while in some it is 6 or 24 hours. It is up to you whether to use the full reservation time or only part of it. We will hold the spot for you for the entire length of the reservation. The maximum reservation length is 30 days. We do not provide long-term parking.
I don’t know the license plate; I’m coming in a rented car. Can I make a reservation now?
Yes, you can. Just put “rental” in the license plate number box. Once you know the license plate number, e-mail it to us at If you have created a user account, you can edit your license plate number in the reservation overview at any time up to the start of the reservation.
How can I change the time or other information (license plate number, phone number) for my reservation?
If there is room in the garage, we will be happy to extend your reservation. The minimum extension length is 6 hours. You can extend a reservation currently underway at our non-stop hotline (+420 277 277 977) and a future reservation at If you would like to change any detail of your reservation, you can do so at


How much does parking with MR.PARKIT cost?
Prices vary depending on the time of the reservation and the garage. Choose a time on the main site and it will show you a list of garages with prices for that time slot.
How can I pay for my reservation? Can I pay in cash at the garage?
You can pay for your reservation by card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) or PayPal. Payment is the final step in the reservation process. Unfortunately, payment in cash at the garage and payment by bank transfer are not possible.
My payment was not successful. What now?
Check to make sure you entered all the payment details correctly. You can also contact your bank to make sure your card allows online payments. If the payment was registered on your card but you did not receive a reservation confirmation, contact us at
Will I get a reservation confirmation and proof of payment or invoice?
Immediately after completing payment for the reservation you will receive an e-mail with a parking slip that meets all the essential requirements of a simplified invoice / proof of payment and can be used for accounting purposes. If you need an invoice, just tick the box on the reservation screen on giving instructions to the driver and we will send you the invoice after the reservation payment has been received. We issue invoices automatically for reservations over CZK 10,000.


I can’t find the garage! What now?
Every garage profile and parking slip include photographs of the garage, entrance and surrounding area, the exact address, and GPS coordinates. If you still get lost, call our non-stop hotline (+420 277 277 977) and we will give you directions over the phone :)
How do I get into the garage?
You will find information on how to enter the garage in the reservation confirmation (text message and e-mail) and on the garage profile on our website. Most garages open by calling them from your phone (free even when calling from foreign numbers). You will receive the phone number for opening the gate in the reservation confirmation. You do not need a smartphone; any phone will do. Some garages have a reception desk that will help you with parking.
I’m calling the garage number but the gate is not opening!
You need to call the garage number from the phone number registered in the reservation. A call from another number will not open the garage. Make sure you are calling during the active reservation time and that you have turned off the option “Hide number” or "Anonymous number" on your phone. If this is your first call in the Czech Republic, try restarting your phone. The number will always appear as busy or unavailable, but do not cancel the call until the gate has opened. If nothing works, call our non-stop hotline (+420 277 277 977).
Someone is parked in my spot. What now?
Mistakes happen - call us at +420 277 277 978 and we will find you another parking spot in the garage. The occupied parking space does not entitle you to a discount, free reservation or cancellation.
Can I enter and exit the garage multiple times during my reservation time?
Yes! Just use the phone number you received with the reservation confirmation or ask the reception desk to open the garage. You can enter and exit an unlimited number of times.
Can I enter the garage with a van/motorcycle/trailer/LPG vehicle/...?
You can find the maximum permitted vehicle dimensions in each garage profile. Each parking spot can hold up to two motorcycles. You will need to reserve a separate spot to park a trailer. The garage profile always mentions whether you can park a motorcycle, trailer or LPG vehicle at the end of the garage description.
Does the garage or parking lot operate non-stop?
Almost all our garages and parking lots operate non-stop. If a garage has limited opening hours, its description always states as much and a reminder will pop up when you are selecting a garage.


Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel a reservation at any time before it begins. To cancel a reservation, use the form. You can also cancel by e-mail (, chat (bottom right corner of our website) or on our customer support line (+420 277 277 977). It is not possible to cancel all or part of a reservation once it has begun.
When will I get my money back after I cancel a reservation?
After you cancel your reservation, we will e-mail you a corrected tax document. We will refund your money as quickly as possible after that, no later than 10 business days after you open the email with the corrected tax document. We will refund the money to the same account it was sent from.
If you haven't found the answer to your question, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you :-)
You can contact us on the chat in the bottom right corner of the page, by e-mail or by phone on +420 277 277 977.