How it works

1.Make a reservation from home

Don’t fret about where you will park on your travels – reserve your garage space in advance. Choose the most suitable location; select the date and time of arrival and departure.

Everything else will be handled by MR.PARKIT. He works quickly and reliably; you can even make a reservation on the same day when you want to park.

2. Gain entry with your phone or by attendant

At some garages you can open the door by your own mobile phone. As a confirmation of reservation you receive a phone number, which enables you to enter the garage. It is easy: just call the phone number after your arrival to the garage gate and when the door opens, park.

Opening by phone is free of charge (for Czech as well as foreign callers) - you do not pay anything extra. And it doesn't matter whether you call from the newest smart phone or a regular mobile phone.

At some of the garages the door will be opened by a parking attendant.

3. Parking

Your parking space will be prepared and reserved exclusively for you. You are allowed to get in and out as many times as you wish. You just need to use the same number that you received when booking a parking lot and call it again.

Thus, nothing will prevent you from exploring the surroundings; you have a spot to return to.

4. In case of problems

Have you lost your way and can’t find the MR.PARKIT garage? Have you forgotten the number of your parking space? Are you so enthusiastic about the fact that you can open the garage with a mobile phone that you have to tell someone about it immediately? MR.PARKIT is at your service via telephone hotline, online chat and E-mail.

Hotline:+420 277 277 977
Chat:the icon in the bottom-right corner