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Maximize the income from your garage or parking lot by renting it out through MR.PARKIT.
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  • We have been dealing with parking on a daily basis for 10 years and have handled more than 300,000 satisfied customers.
  • We have the widest parking network in Prague with more than 80 garages and parking lots.
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Earn money without stress

  • Zero entry costs, no additional fees during operation.
  • We will tak care of the marketing, price optimization, billing, and making sure the customers have the best possible experience.
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You can count on us

  • The number of parking spots offered can be adjusted according to current needs, and spots can be added for a limited time.
  • Our customer support will take care of the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
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How to add your garage

  1. At the meeting we will assess the potential of your garage or parking lot and propose a technical solution.
  2. After signing the contract, we will coordinate the installation of technology for parking access, arrange signage and set up advertising.
  3. Once up and running, we will take care of all operational issues. The garages offered by MR.PARKIT achieve higher incomes than long-term rentals.

Adding a garage typically takes less than 14 days.

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