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Maximize the income from your garage or parking lot by renting it out through MR.PARKIT.
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  • We have been dealing with parking on a daily basis for 10 years and have handled more than 300,000 satisfied customers.
  • We have the widest parking network in Prague with more than 80 garages and parking lots.
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Earn money without stress

  • Zero entry costs, no additional fees during operation.
  • We will tak care of the marketing, price optimization, billing, and making sure the customers have the best possible experience.
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You can count on us

  • The number of parking spots offered can be adjusted according to current needs, and spots can be added for a limited time.
  • Our customer support will take care of the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
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How to add your garage

  1. Let's meet: thanks to our experience in the market, we will assess the potential of your garage or parking lot.
  2. We will discuss the terms and conditions: we will prepare a contract and propose a technical solution.
  3. We will make the garage accessible to customers: once the contract is signed, we will coordinate the installation of the technology for client access.
  4. We will launch the garage: we will mark the parking spaces in the garage, prepare the profile of the garage and the advertisements.
  5. Profit: the garages in our portfolio generate higher income than a normal long-term lease.

Adding a garage typically takes less than 14 days.

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