Verified and convenient parking

In Prague, Brno and Hradec KrálovéNews

Easy reservation
More than 60 garages
Non-stop operation
Reservation & payment

Reservation & payment

Enter where and when you wish to park and the system will find garages with vacancies and their prices. Online reservation and payment (Paypal/payment card) will take you two minutes.

Navigation to the garage

Navigation to the garage

The confirmation (SMS and e-mail) contains information and a map to make it easier for you to get to your parking space.



All garages are operated non-stop, reception will open up for you or you can do it yourself by calling from your telephone (which is free-of-charge even for foreign drivers).

Sign up for an account and get great extra features!

Easily modify or cancel your reservations
Convenient garage opening with a button instead of a call
Even faster reservations without filling in the details again
Exclusive offers and promotions on newly opened garages

Keep MR.PARKIT always at hand!

Install our web app and access your reservations from the comfort of your home screen.

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