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Why to book a parking in Prague with MR.PARKIT?

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A large number of garages

We have garages all over Prague (in the historic centre and in the suburbs). Choose the location that will be most convenient for you.

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Easy reservation

Reserve parking in advance. Save time, nerves, and money. With MR. PARKIT you will always get advantageous parking in the given location.

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Verified parking

You can park in Prague without any worries with MR.PARKIT. You know in advance what the garage looks like. Parking space will be prepared for you.

How does parking in Prague with MR.PARKIT work?

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1. Selection and reservation: Enter where and when you wish to park and the system will find garages with vacancies and their prices. Reservation and payment (Paypal/payment card) will take you two minutes.
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2. Navigation to the garage: The confirmation (SMS and email) contains information and a map to make it easier for you to get to the parking space.
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3. Non-stop garage access: Reception will open up for you or you can do it yourself by calling from your telephone (which is free-of-charge even for foreign drivers).
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4. Parking: The garage is like a hotel room for your car – you can drive in and out repeatedly whenever you want.

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